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Solar Fountains

State: KY, NC, NY, WI
Country: China, USA
  • Smart Solar

    Smart Solar makes a variety of solar fountains and pumps including lily fountains for ponds, bird bath fountains, and standalone garden fountains. Some of their pumps operate on solar-on-demand technology, with allows your equipment to work even if it is dark or if there are poor weather conditions by storing energy for later use.
  • Silicon Solar

    Silicon Solar is a manufacturer of solar water pumps and fountains including birdbath fountains and floating fountains as well as their AquaJet fountain kit which creates a fountain using no tubing , is operated with a 9V single crystalline solar panel, and is easy to install.
    State: NY
  • Solar

    Solar Fountains Direct makes solar pumps and fountains including birdbath fountains such as their frog fountain kit, SunFlower kit, and Cherub fountain; large solar fountains including a high-output kit, and more.
    State: NY
  • Solar Home

    Solar Home carries a wide selection of energy efficient solar power fountains for home and garden. Solar fountains are available in a variety of styles. Some are standalone and utilize their own pedestals or can be placed on any surface.
  • Serenity Health

    Serenity Health offers a large selection of fountains. Carries solar powered fountains that run only on solar power with no need for electricity.
    State: WI
  • Solarkey

    Solarkey is a major manufacturer of solar fountain pump kits, solar fountains, solar well pumps and solar lights. Solar powered products for gardens, ponds and buildings.

    Gongshu district,Hangzhou
  • Kinetic Fountains

    Kinetic Fountains offers a large selection of solar powered fountains for a garden, yard, or patio. Products include solar pumps, Ceramic Cascade Solar Fountains, and many other styles of solar fountains. 
    State: NC
  • My Solar Shop

    My Solar Shop carries solar water fountains and solar water pumps that requires no power source and can be installed anywhere with no wiring or electricity needed. Products include solar water fountains, floating water fountains, floating solar lights and solar water pumps that can be used in creating solar powered waterfalls in a pool, pond or any landscape project.
    State: KY