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Photovoltaic Film

State: PA
  • Dunmore Corp

    Dunmore Corp. manufactures a line photovoltaic film products including solar backsheets, FPE backsheets, PPE+ backsheets, TPE backsheets, and thin film photovoltaics. The company provides thick film PV backsheets for copper indium gallium selenide, amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, and dye sensitized solar cell.

    State: PA
  • Dupont

    Dupont's Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride films provide surface protection and weather-resistant backsheets for photovoltaic module applications. The company's films are found on PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered boat built.

  • Solar Thin Films Inc

    Solar Thin Films Inc. produces thin-film photovoltaics that are typically 200 to 400 microns thick. The thin film photovoltaics can be produced in single-junction or multi-junction configurations.

    State: NY
  • Konarka Technologies Inc

    Konarka Technologies Inc. manufactures thin and flexible organic solar panels for building integrated photovoltaics, urban architecture, and portable shade structure applications.

    State: MA
  • Bridgestone

    Bridgestone produces EVA film for photovoltaic panels. The film can withstand harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and severe weather, and ensures high performance of photovoltaic panels.

  • Corning Inc

    Corning Inc. develops thin flim photovoltaic solutions in addition to participating in the wafered silicon PV segment and LCD business.

    State: NY
  • Nanosolar Inc

    Nanosolar produces photovoltaic thin-film using a printing and annealing process, while also producing solar-electric foil at high speeds.

    State: CA
  • HyperSolar Inc

    HyperSolar Inc. designs thin and flat solar concentrator film for direct placement on top of existing solar cells. Th concentrator film can deliver substantially more sunlight onto solar cells, enabling them to produce multiple time more power. The company's technology is based on micro concentrators, photonics light routing, photonics light seperation, and photonics thermal management.

    State: CA