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Recycled Plastic Products

State: CA, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, MI, MN, OH, ON, WI
Country: Canada, China, UK, USA
  • Norseman Plastics

    Norsemen Plastics designs and manufactures reusable and recyclable plastic packaging and container solutions. Certain product lines are themselves made from recycled plastic. They make containers for the bakery industry, beverage, agriculture, meat and poultry processing to dairy, food services, warehouse and distribution applications.
    Osage City
    State: KS
  • Renew Plastics

    Renew Plastics manufactures EVOLVE lumber.  EVOLVE recycled plastic lumber products generally contain over 90% recycled high density polyethylene (ReHDPE) material.  Because EVOLVE doesn’t absorb water, it won’t harbor harmful mold or bacteria.
    State: WI
  • Alliance Polymers

    Alliance Polymers has been in the recycling business since 2000.  Plastic scrap recycling began with the PET in plastic soda bottles and the HDPE found in milk jugs in part because these plastics are able to be cleaned, broken-down, and returned to the manufacturers.  They currently buy and sell recycled plastic materials in the continental United States and internationally throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America, India, and Southeast Asia.
    Peachtree City
    State: GA
  • Eagle One

    Eagle One Products designs and manufactures environmentally friendly, durable and aesthetic products for use on golf courses, resorts, hotels and restaurants.  They manufacture outdoor furniture, deck and storage boxes, rope and chain, trash receptacles and much more.
    State: CA
  • Reprocessed Plastics

    Reprocessed Plastics Inc. fabricates plastic components and parts for marine, agriculture, building, and many other industries. In addition to components, RPI custom manufactures and has stock plastic sheets and lineal plastic lumber.  Some of their manufacturing services include CNC cutting, thermoforming, prototyping, plastic welding and assembly.
    State: MN
  • Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls

    Plastic Recycling are manufacturers of a variety of 100% recycled plastic products that are heavy-duty, long lasting alternatives to traditional materials.  Some of the products they manufacture include park benches, picnic tables, planters, trash receptacles, lumber, car stops, speed bumps and wheel chocks. 
    Iowa Falls
    State: IA
  • Marmax Products

    Marmax Products is a manufacturer of recycled plastic products to include picnic tables, benches, boardwalks, fishing pegs, platforms, fencing, planters, raised beds and much more.  Recycled plastic is better than timber or metal, especially when considering the cost of maintenance, both financially and environmentally. Marmax Products raised beds provide a flexible growing area. They can be used on hard and soft surfaces and are ideal where space is restricted. The recycled plastic is not affected by the moist conditions necessary for plant growth, so needs no maintenance.

  • MBA Polymers

    MBA has developed an automated process to recover plastics and other materials from durable good streams containing commingled materials.  The company accepts shredded materials from a variety of sources and converts that material to high value engineering plastics for reuse in similar applications. Other materials, such as ferrous and nonferrous metals, are typically recovered and recycled through local recyclers.
    State: CA
  • Pilot Rock

    Pilot Rock is manufactured by R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.  They manufacture a wide selection of commercial park, street and camp Site products for parks, campgrounds, recreational areas, playgrounds and landscapes. R.J. Thomas makes Pilot Rock park grills, covered park grills, campfire rings, wheelchair accessible firerings, ground grills, portable park tables, pedestal park tables, recycled plastic park tables, wheelchair accessible tables, park benches, athletic benches, recycled plastic benches, street benches, bicycle racks, pedestal park grills, picnic tables, trash cans, trash can lids, trash receptacles, waste receptacles, recycling lids, recycling systems, lantern holders, flagpoles, recycled plastic car stops, recycled plastic speed bumps, smoking waste disposal systems and more!
    State: IA
  • PlasTEAK

    PlasTEAKmanufactures products made from recycled material.  Some of these products include car stops and speed bumps, boat products, outdoor furniture, landscaping products, plastic lumber and outdoor signs. They also manufacture PlasDECK which is a synthetic teak decking system.  This can be purchased in mats, shiplap in many designs and edging as well as the tools to work with.



    State: OH
  • Bedford Technology

    Bedford Technology offers a full line of recycled plastic products: lumber, pilings, site furnishings such as benches, seats and tables, signs, parking curbs and speed bumps, sheeting, and roofing items.  Their materials are low maintenance, impervious to water, resistant to insects, marine borers and termites, not affected by organic solvents, oils, or chemicals, non chipping or splintering and covered with a 50 year limited warranty.  
    State: MN
  • Recycled Plastic Man

    Recycled Plastic Man Inc. manufactures a wide variety of products from recycled plastic.  These products are rot-proof, permanently colorful, and require no sealant thus promising many years of use, durability and dependability and also has a life time warranty against rot and bug  infestation.  Some of the products they manufacture include mailboxes, car stops, lumber, benches and marine products.
    State: FL
  • Recycled Plastics Industries

    Recycled Plastic Industries manufactures durable recycled plastic lumber.  Their lumber comes in standard, custom and decking profiles.  Available surfaces are embossed wood grain and knurled surface and can be shaped using conventional woodworking tools.  Their product is resistant to salt and acids and is unaffected by termites, rodents, worms, marine parasites and other insects.
    De Pere
    State: WI
  • Sandhill Plastics

    Sandhill Plastics manufactures products using high density polyethylene.  Some of the uses include industrial and construction, home and hobby and agricultural.   They also offer plastic sheeting made from 100% recycled plastic. 
  • Sustainable Plastic + Fiber

    Sustainable Plastic + Fiber manufactures sustainable utensils.  Their utensils are 100% bio-based, made from annually renewable resources, heat stable to 220°F and ompostable, meeting international standard ISO 14851.  They also manufacture Bagasse tableware.  These products are molded from pulp made from sugarcane stalk, called bagasse, an agricultural by-product.  Heat resistant and microwavable, provide an excellent moisture and grease barrier and FDA approved and compostable.
    San Francisco
    State: CA
  • Tangent Technologies

    Tangent Technologies is a manufacturer of high-technology HDPE plastic lumber to the wholesale trade.  Tangent offers custom shapes, colors, strength profiles and finishes for many industries and markets.  Their products resist all kinds of weather and wet conditions and stay looking new for years.
    State: IL
  • Taylors Recycled Plastic Products Inc.

    Taylors Recycled Plastic Products Inc. is a manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber furniture and a supplier of plastic lumber for decks and other projects where traditional lumber products are used.  They are also a supplier of plastic lumber sheeting also known as plastic plywood. 
    R.R. #1 Bailieboro
    State: ON
  • Trex

    Trex manufactures decking, fencing, railing and trims from recycled products.  Trex® is made from about 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood.  No trees are cut down in the making of Trex, they use reclaimed wood from woodworking operations, used pallets and sawdust (300 million pounds a year).  Trex recycles all forms of polyethylene.  Trex Company is a proud member of The U.S. Green Building Council.
  • EPL

    Everlast Plastic Lumber is a manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber.   Available colors include brown, sandstone, medium beige, black, silver gray, grass green and mahogany and an anti slip texture is now available.  Parking stops are available in safety blue, silver gray and yellow. 
  • Polly Products

    Polly Products manufactures park benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles and chairs from 100% recycled materials.  They offer a wide variety of designs and colors and are built for easy assembly.  Benches are made in 4', 6' and 8' lengths and in either flat or backed styles.  They have models of picnic tables that are easily accessible by wheelchairs. 
    State: MI