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Chemicals and Solvents

  • J&N Chemical Recycling

    J & N Chemical Recycling is a recycler of chemicals.  Their services include surplus chemical resale, fragrance and chemical suppliers, chemical buyers and sellers, solid, liquid and laboratory waste disposal. 
  • Cranbrook Chemicals

    Cranbrook Chemicals offers two main services to national and international customers, the supply of high quality technical grade recycled chemicals for use in technical grade applications and consultancy service to the international chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  The key staff have detailed chemical knowledge, enabling them to quickly address any customer query.
  • Catalyst Recycling

    Catalyst Recycling is a producer of recycled catalyst chemical compounds and products.  Some of the compounds they produce include nickel sulfate, nickel sulfate crystals, nickel nitrate solution, nickel carbonate, nickel chloride, copper sulfate crystals, copper sulfate, copper oxychloride and much more.
  • Mag-It

    Mag-it is a seller of eco-friendly water based cleaners, industrial laundry products, water treatment compounds, janitorial products, defoamers and anti-foams and much more.  Their water-based cleaners include disinfectants, sanitizers, deodorants, general purpose cleansers, hand soaps and more.
  • Emerald Recycling

    Emerald Recycling manufactures a line of recycled cleaning solvent products.  The solvents they recycle include Acetone, Ethanol, Ethylene Glycol, IPA, Methanol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Mineral Spirits, MIBK, NMP, Propylene Glycol and Toluene.  They are a Part B permitted facility with solvent and ethylene glycol distillation services.
  • Bioniqs

    Bioniqs offers over 200 protic ionic liquids in R&D; quantities.  These have been developed to fill a market gap between traditional solvents and first generation ionic liquids, over which their products offer technical, economic and environmental improvements.  They are offered in three grades, technical, analytical and biochemical.  Technical is the basic grade suitable for most applications where very high purity is not essential.  Analytical grade products are manufactured to the fine tolerances necessary for advanced research and development applications.  Biochemical grade products are suitable for biochemistry and molecular biology applications and as such, levels of relevant impurities are exhaustively analysed and guaranteed.
  • MEC

    MEC is a retailer of environmentally safe chemicals that replace hazardous toxics used in industry.  A few of the products the offer includes industrial solvents and degreasers, oil separation cleaners, acid cleaners, hand and body cleaners, defoamers, sewage treatment and much more.
  • The Renewable Corporation

    The Renewable Corporation provides products, services and technologies using renewable resources and alternative energy solutions.  Their processes are eco-efficient and apply and adhere to sustainable practices and standards.  They also provide plastics and other chemicals from renewable resources as an alternative to petroleum or petrochemicals.
  • Montana Renewables

    Montana Renewables makes non-toxic chemicals.  These chemicals are at the headwaters of an emerging carbochemical industry. They have direct and downstream applications in several markets, including transportation, industry, housing, environmental protection and remediation, health and hygiene, and recreation. 
  • NCL

    NCL manufactures Earth Sense® Multi Surface Cleaner.  This product uses the power of hydrogen peroxide, all-natural safe solvents and environmentally preferred detergents to safely yet effectively clean windows, mirrors, tile, grout, carpets and hard surfaces.