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State: AZ, BC, CA, DC, MA, MD, NC, NH, NY, OH, ON, OR, PA, UT
Country: Austria, Canada, Germany, UK, USA
  • CleanMetrics Corp.

    CleanMetrics provides cutting-edge software tools and databases to analyze and optimize environmental performance, based on rigorous analytical methodologies. Current application areas include supply-chain environmental performance, including detailed analysis of logistics, and carbon footprinting of products and services.
    State: OR
  • Conservation Connections by

    State: NH
  • Good Steward Software

    Good Steward Software has been the leading provider of the best energy efficiency software, training and services available. EnergyCAP® software serves the unique energy management needs of organizations that receive 50 or more utility bills each month.
    State College
    State: PA
  • Stockholm Environment Institute

    Stockholm Environment Institute offers a widely-used software tool for energy policy analysis and climate change mitigation assessment developed at the Stockholm Environment Institute. Its users include government agencies, academics, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, and energy utilities.
    State: MA
  • Energy Watchdog by Utilivision

    The Energy Watchdog is an easy to use fully web based energy tracking and utility bill management tools. Currently serves over 3500 education, retail, commercial, industrial, and government users.
    State College
    State: PA
  • ERA Environmental Consulting

    ERA Environmental Consulting's software products focus on three major areas including environmental software, heathe & safety software and paint & coating software. Offers a wide array of cost-effective environmental software packages for AP-42 compliance, tracking & reporting VOCs, Toxic Release Inventory, Title V requirements, NESHAP, Tier II reporting, SARA 313 and Form R reporting, NPRI Reporting (Canada), MSDS organizing and viewing and more.
    State: NC

    ESP provides software for sustainability, environmental compliance and emissions trading programs. Environmental software helps companies meet EHS compliance and sustainability goals from the facility to the global enterprise.
    Mountain View
    State: CA
  • Green Building Elements

    Green Building Elements is a resource for those interested in learning about current green and renewable building news as well as current projects in sustainable architecture and guidelines for building green structures in different locales in the United States. Topics include business, design, materials such as windows, lighting, and structural, standards, and more.
  • Environmental Software and Services

    Environmental Software and Services specializes in Integrated Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems that combine environmental sciences, economics, and socio-political aspects with advanced information and communication technology. Applications include urban and industrial air quality, emission control and energy efficiency, water resources, climate change impacts, adaptations, mitigation, EIA/SIA, technological and environmental risk, sustainable urban and regional development.
  • Build Green Schools - U.S. Green Building Council

    Build Green Schools by the U.S. Green Building Council is a website dedicated to promote the advantages of green school buildings in the way they affect the community, education, and the environment with information on the LEED program, energy efficiency, and more.
  • ESS

    ESS is a provider of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Crisis Management sustainability software that supports Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). ESS software enables organizations to address environmental, health, safety and crisis management challenges more efficiently, at lower cost, while improving the quality and accuracy of internal and external reporting.
    State: AZ
  • GemTeck Environmental Software

    GemTeck Environmental Software Ltd. developes environmental software embraced by hundreds of environmental engineers and technologists worldwide in mining, solid waste management and consulting. The software works for both data import and data analysis/reporting/export. It is also ideal for long-term data retention, making historical data as accessible as current data.
    State: BC
  • Intelex

    Intelex Technologies Inc. provides software systems designed to drive continual performance in environmental, quality, health & safety and business performance management. Offers over 60 unique software modules, all of which have been strategically designed to address a specific business need.
    State: ON
  • LimeLeap Solutions

    LimeLeap is a dynamic IT services firm with a focus on providing eco-friendly technology solutions.
    State: DC
  • NorthWest Builders Network

    NorthWest Builders Network offers sustainable building and design software for use by design professionals, business and home owners. These software titles address energy efficiency and green building. Products include ENERGY-10 software, a powerful sustainable design tool that analyzes and illustrates the energy and cost savings that can be achieved through more than a dozen sustainable design strategies.
    Pleasant Hill
    State: OR
  • PISCES Conservation Ltd

    PISCES Conservation Ltd offers Analytical Software for community ecology, statistics, sampling and database applications.

    Pennington, Lymington
  • GreenPrint

    GreenPrint's patent-pending software eliminates unwanted pages saving paper, ink, money, and millions of trees. GreenPrint eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically and also incorporates an easy to use PDF writer.
  • Applied Biomathematics

    Applied Biomathematics provides software for ecological risk analysis and PVA. Offers Flexible metapoplation framework for species in fragmented or variable habitats. Incorporate GIS, dynamic patch stucture, and forest dynamics.
    State: NY
  • Save Water Solutions Inc.

    Save Water Solutions Inc. provides Conservation Dashboard Reporter to see local water waste reports live data as dashboard reports, which you can create, modify and analyze anytime anywhere. Reports are stored in a secure database and are only accessible by the City Employees you add as Users of the application.
    State: AZ
  • Scientific Software Group

    Scientific Software Group (SSG) is an international leader in providing state-of-the-art software for environmental and water-resources engineers. SSG provides environmental software, groundwater software, groundwater modeling software, surfacewater software, air pollution software, geotechnical software and borehole logging software.
    State: UT