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HVAC Equipment

State: AZ, CA, East Sussex, GA, Georgia, Guangdong, IA, MA, MB, MI, MN, MO, NC, NH, NJ, NY, TN, TX, WA, WI
  • The Green Products Company

    The Green Products Company is a manufacturer of a variety of HVAC related products including acoustical flexible air duct which can reduce sound presence of a length of duct. Other products include LEED certified quiet duct wrap made from recycle denim material, Amblue-core fleixible air duct and 100% recyclable liners.

  • American Energy Systems Inc.

    American Energy Systems offers Multi-Fuel Corn Stoves that install easily in new or existing homes. The stoves feature easy to adjust heat and draft settings.
    State: MN
  • Bioenergy Technology Ltd.

    Bioenergy Technology manufactures biomass fueled, energy efficient, low carbon heating systems. Provides combined heat and power systems, and a variety of biomass, solid fuel and waste oil boilers.

    State: East Sussex
  • Bio-Heat Resources

    Bio-Heat Resources provides high quality wood and alternative energy heating systems for residential and light commercial applications. Bio-Heat Wood Furnaces products include BH-750, BH-100, and BH-200. 
    State: MB
  • Biomass Combustion Systems, Inc.

    Biomass Combustion Systems produces wood burning furnaces and wood boilers designed to have minimal particulate emissions.
    State: MA
  • Bixby Energy

    Bixby Energy Systems use patent pending MaxYield™ technology, which burns biomass products at an unprecedented 99.7% combustion ratio. And advanced Bixby BioFuels generate more energy per dollar with less environmental and political risk than dirty fossil fuels.
    State: MN
  • Bryant

    Bryant is a manufacturer of heating and cooling systems. Bryant offers energy efficient gas furnaces with Energy Star rating and 96% AFUE.
  • Buckner

    Buckner produces corn stoves and grills for safe, efficient, renewable heat source for home heating and cooking.
    State: NC
  • Clean Burn Energy Systems

    Clean Burn is a manufacturer of used-oil furnaces, used-oil boilers, and used-oil recycling centers that generate free heat from motor oils and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of internal combustion engines.
  • Dragin Geothermal Well Drilling Inc.

    Offers Geothermal energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems as a way of heating and cooling buildings. Both the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have endorsed the technology. Geothermal systems deliver reliable quality air-conditioning and heating, on demand, in every season.
    State: NH
  • EnergyLogic

    EnergyLogic manufactures used-oil furnaces and used-oil boilers (also known as used-oil heaters, waste-oil furnaces and waste-oil boilers). These products provide customers an environmentally-safe manner for recycling oil while reducing or eliminating heating bills and cradle-to-grave liability.
    State: TN
  • Fahrenheit Technologies, Inc.

    Manufacturer of biomass furnaces that provide heat from wood pellets, corn, cherry pits or other biomass fuel. Furnaces are self-cleaning offer low-maintenance operation. Features Autostart automatic ignition and FuelMizer™ fuel saver. UL 319 tested as an approved Supplementary or Central Furnace.
    State: MI
  • Green Heat Inc.

    Green Heat specialize in the Bio-Mass and Multi-Fuel energy market. Offers Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, and Multi-Fuel Stoves.
    Stone Ridge
    State: NY
  • Greenwood Technologies

    Manufactures renewable heating solutions for residential and commercial applications that meet EPA requirements. Products include The Aspen Series outdoor wood furnace, The Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace, and The Pelco Biomass Boiler.
    State: WA
  • HTI

    HTI manufactures custom designed process equipment, specializing in biomass gasification/electric power generation systems that convert solid and semi solid biomass, such as animal manures, agricultural waste, solid waste from landfills, waste water treatment sludges, sewer sludges and hazardous waste material into a combustible syngas that can be used to power generators, dryers, heaters and cooling equipment.
    State: MI
  • Hydron Module

    Hydron Module provides geothermal heating and cooling for every home existing or new construction. Products provide highly efficient, reliable and quiet operating, year-round comfort solutions for a home or business.
  • KingBuilt

    Manufactures waste oil heaters with a patented hydronic preheat system, which eliminates carbon build up, requires less maintenance, and is overhaul free. Boiler packages are perfect for commercial space heating and process heat energy. Designed to burn all forms of waste and virgin oils. These oils can be either petroleum based or bio-based oils.

    Eau Claire
    State: WI
  • A-Maize-Ing Heat

    A-Maize-Ing Heat manufactures furnaces and boilers that run on solid biomass fuel. Furnaces available in a variable rate 165,000 BTU model. Boilers can be used with baseboard registers, radiators, in-floor loops and water to air exchange.
    State: IA
  • Lennox International Inc

    Lennox provides energy efficient residential air conditioning, heating and HVAC products including a selection of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, garage unit heaters, boilers, air handlers, packaged units, comfort controls, indoor air quality systems, and residential generators.
    State: TX
  • Quadra-Fire

    Manufactures sustainable energy wood pellet and grain fuel appliances. Wood pellet fuel is carbon neutral, contributing no net carbon dioxide to the environment. The Advanced Energy series can also use shelled corn, wheat, or black oil sunflower seeds.
    State: WA