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Country: Canada, USA
  • Altruwood

    Altruwood is a producer of FSC Certified and reclaimed lumber.  FSC Certified wood is wood that has been harvested from forests deemed to be practicing environmentally and economically sustainable forestry. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that certifies forestry practices all over the world.  Reclaimed lumber is obtained from old buildings, barns, factories and warehouses. Reclaimed wood is generally old-growth-lumber that was harvested from trees that were bigger and older than anything being currently harvested. As a result, this wood tends to possess superior characteristics to new-growth lumber.
    State: OR
  • Armster Reclaimed Lumber Co

    Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company salvages wood and remanufactures it into products such as siding, flooring, paneling, moldings and shakes.  The wood comes from a variety of sources incuding old water and wine tanks, timbers and planking from mill buildings, and bridge timbers.  Armster's products are used in "green" building projects, including those that seek the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification; historic restorations; or in any application where the characteristics of reclaimed or old growth lumber or timbers are desired.
    State: CT
  • Black's Farmwood

    Black's Farmwood produces reclaimed wood for wide plank wood flooring, rustic paneling, weathered barn siding, antique wood beams and more.
  • Crossroads Recycled Lumber

    Cross Roads Recycled Lumber, LLC produces reclaimed wood products including timbers, wood flooring, siding, paneling, doors, old barn wood, boat lumber, countertop slabs and antique wood mantel pieces.
    North Fork
    State: CA
  • Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

    Elmwood produced reclaimed wood and stone products including flooring, paneling, cabinet lumber, wood tops and beams, fireplace mantels, wood shelves and barn wood siding.  Elmwood has earned earn the Forest Stewardship Council designation and all of Elmwood Reclaimed Timbers Antique Products can help a project earn up to 5 LEED credit points.
    Kansas City
    State: MO
  • Mountain Lumber Co.

    Producer of reclaimed wood flooring products including solid plant, heart pine, oak, elm and reclaimed hardwoods.  Mountain Lumber works to promote green building by joining with the USGBC to promote the LEED green building rating system. In addition, Mountain Lumber's reclaimed flooring does not rely on cutting old grown or virgin timbers in order to preserve nature's beauty.  Mountain Lumber was nominated for a 2008 Green Log Home & Lifestyle Award in the Green Flooring: Reclaimed Materials category. The Green Log Awards recognizes companies and websites that exemplify their tagline, "Building a green world one home at a time." 


    State: VA
  • Vintage Timberworks

    Vintage Timberworks provides recycled and seasoned old growth lumber, timber, beams and antique flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of antique structures in which it has been warehoused for up to 200 years.  Products include planking, decking, reclaimed flooring, mantles, millwork stock and salvage hardware.  Vintage Timberworks products are certified 100% recycled by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Products are eligible for the MR4 credit (materials reuse) for clients interested in acquiring Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification administered by the US Green Building Council."
    State: CA
  • Superior Woods

    Superior Woods offers recycled wood, reclaimed wood, wide plank flooring, plank flooring, reclaimed lumber, old barn wood, barn wood and submerged timber to contractors, builders, homeowners.  In addition, Superior Woods offers a wide range of recycled wood and reclaimed materials from sources such as antique American barns built at the turn of the century as well as early American industrial buildings and bridges.  These products are the result of underwater logging recycled wood operations from the bottom of lakes and rivers of North America.  The logs sunk while being floated to the sawmills during the period of the 1700s to the 1920s.
    State: MN
  • U.S. Recycled Wood Products

    U.S. Recycled Wood Products produces alternative wood brick fuel made from kiln dried wood waste.  This product is a convenient alternative to traditional firewood, as they are bug and dirt free and can be stored inside the home.  U.S. Recycled Wood Products' wood bricks are a “carbon neutral” fuel, thereby no additional carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere, above the normal amount during decay.
    State: PA
  • Reclaimed Lumber - Wood

    Reclaimed Lumber's products are produced from reclaimed lumber and reclaimed wood which is often salvaged from large warehouses and buildings.  This wood is then remilled into individual boards for antique wood flooring, moldings, stars and fine furniture. 
    State: WI
  • renuWood

    renuWood produces reclaimed wood flooring, paneling, lumber siding and timbers from reclaimed barns, factories, warehouses and trestles.  renuWood is nationally recognized green building company.
  • Heritage Salvage

    Heritage Salvage provides green building supplies, vintage lumber and furniture made from recycled wood.  Products include flooring, doors, windows and building materials.  Woods include reclaimed redwood, fir, oak, cedar, eastern white pine, driftwood and recycled stone.
    State: CA
  • Trex

    Producer of products made from approximately 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood. Products include decking, fencing, railing and trim.  Trex uses sustainable materials and green manufacturing processes and is a member of The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • Historic Woodworks

    Historic Woodworks is a provider of products constructed of reclaimed wood.  Products include cabinets, countertops, tables, ceiling beams, flooring, doors and trim.
    State: ID
  • Orphanwood

    Orphanwood is a provider of reclaimed and recycled wood materials and services. Orphanwood crates arre made from old growth timber which is harder, denser and more stable than younger growth timber.
    State: WI
  • Old Grain

    Old Grain is the producer of reclaimed/recycled wood materials for use in a variety of building applications.  Products include antique flooring, recycled timbers, vintage barn siding and timber frames/trusses.
    State: CO
  • Terramai

    Terramai is a producer of sustainable wood products all of which are FSC certified.  Products include flooring, siding, paneling, decking, beams and lumber. Terramai also develops veneers and substrates made from reclaimed wood andcan help projects earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits.
  • Pacific Heritage Wood

    Pacific Heritage Wood produced recycled redwood, douglas fir and other woods milled to order for architects, builders, artists and craftpersons.  Products include siding, molding, paneling and flooring.
    El Granada
    State: CA
  • GoodTimes Wood Products, Inc.

    GoodTimes Wood Products, Inc. is a distributor of bundled fire wood and recycles wood waste material for use in generating electricity and creation of paper products.
    State: TX
  • Trestlewood

    Trestlewood is a producer of reclaimed / recycled wood products including flooring, siding, timbers and lumber.  Types of wood include antique oak, douglas fir, barnwood lumber and weathered and hand hewn timbers.
    State: ID