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Concrete Cement

State: CA, DE, FL, MN, NE, NJ, VA
Country: USA
  • Hycrete, Inc.

    Hycrete offers modern concrete construction solutions that focus on mission-critical subgrade, grade, and super grade water and corrosion protection. Applications include deep foundation slabs and walls, podium and plaza decks, roof, parking and tunnel structures. Hycrete Admixtures transform concrete from an open network of capillaries and cracks into an ultra-low absorptivity, waterproof, protective building material.
  • Ecocem

    Ecocem cement is made with GGBS and continues to gain strength over time. The strength of concrete made with GGBS is higher than concrete made with CEM I or CEM II/A only. GGBS concrete has been known to increase it's 28-day strength by 20% over 90 days. GGBS is effective in preventing all forms of deterioration and is now routinely specified for infrastructure projects.

  • Mojo Concrete

    Mojo designs and manufactures concrete products for both home and commercial applications, such as countertops, integrated sinks, backsplashes, tables, and architectural pieces. Applying decorative stains to existing concrete surfaces is also a specialty of Mojo Concrete.
  • CeraTech

    CeraTech's RediMax engineered green cement technology is self curing and can be used for block and precast manufacturing, new construction, military applications (airfields, runways), surface transportation repair, parking garage repair and masonry construction. CeraTech also offers extreme environment repair products.

  • Enterprise Precast Concrete

    Enterprise precast concrete is energy-efficient, recyclable, reusable and creates minimal waste in the precast plant and the jobsite. The use of fly ash, slag and other waste materials make this precast environmentally friendly. It’s high durability produces buildings with a total service life that outlasts other designs.
  • Allied Concrete

    Allied offers ready-mix concrete made from all natural non-toxic naturally renewable and sustainable materials such as tires and other waste materials from power plants and steel mills. Their newly created water permeable concrete for road ways, parking lots and driving ways allows the water to percolate through the cement instead of becoming run-off. 
  • Trueform Concrete

    Trueform Concrete offers concrete countertops in three finishes, bathroom vanity tops, sinks, wall and floor tile, backsplashes, tub surrounds, shower tile, benches, saddles, shelves, soap dishes, fireplace surrounds (mantles, hearths, pillars, corbels), table tops and custom concrete products fabricated for both commercial and residential applications.
  • MHE International

    MHE offers AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete), a 100% green building material using no pollutants or toxic by-products. AAC is sustainable cellular concrete and qualifies for numerous LEED credits. Any waste from AAC can be used as clean fill and gravel. Not only does AAC have no volatile organic compounds itself, adhesives and finishes recommended for it are VOC free as well.

  • Scofield

    Scofield offers decorative sustainable concrete products that contribute to achieving LEED credits. Products include admixtures for color conditioned concrete, color hardener, stain, finish coat and sealer.
  • Holcim

    Holcim makes Envirocore concrete, which has reduces CO2 intensity and is used in residential and commercial applications including blocks, ICFs, paving, precast, and wells.
  • Architectural Foam Moldings

    Architectural Foam Moldings an alternative for concrete banding around windows and doors. The use of (expanded polystyrene) EPS products allows limitless options and custom solutions to enhance the aesthetic and creative appeal of new buildings and restorations in both residential and commercial applications.

    State: FL