About Us

Green Industry Resource is simply an organized online database of eco-friendly building goods, services and information. It is comprised of two major search mechanisms: Green Industry Resource Directory and Green Industry Resource Search Engine.

From the directory section homepage, the user can browse down from the major category groups (e.g. building products) to specific sub-categories (e.g. adhesives). Each listing contains editorial information specific to that category as it pertains to the directory section. All listed establishments are linked to the appropriate section (when possible) of their website, again, as it pertains to the directory section.

The search engine aspect of the site is represented by the search box contained on every live page. Here the user can search for very specific information. The search engine spiders only the current websites contained within the directory.

The goal of Green Industry Resource is to make it easy for the user to quickly disseminate through a (growing) mass of green construction and maintenance information.