Home Furnishings

Green home furnishings including a variety of eco-conscious bedding and living room furniture.

Janitorial Equipment

Green cleaning products and supplies such as household cleaning solutions, biodegradable soaps, reusable cloths and mop heads.

Outdoor Equipment

Rain collection barrels, gardening products, bird and pest control and furniture for the green conscious outdoors person.

Recreational Equipment

A collection of environmentally safe products for recreational uses including athletic surfaces and outdoor playground equipment.

Eco Lighting Equipment

High efficiency, low energy lighting products such as halogen lights, fluorescent lights, leds, solar powered lights and fixtures.

Modular Homes & Buildings

Environmentally sound modular buildings for commercial, correctional, educational and residential applications from a wide variety of manufacturers and sellers.


Green friendly services can include construction services, consulting and construction design from a variety of contractors.

Wind Equipment

Wind is one of the world's most abundant renewable energy sources and this section offers information on wind powered products/resources.

Biodiesel Equipment

Biodiesel is a vegetable oil or animal fat-based fuel that can be used in standard diesel engines without requiring conversion.


Water & Plumbing Products

Environmentally friendly rain collection systems, septic and wastewater treatment equipment, irrigation systems and drainage products.


This category covers a variety of green products such as elevators, software, signage and real estate.

HVAC Equipment

Heating, HVAC supply Utah, ventilation and air conditioning equipment including furnaces and oil boilers that operate on used oil as well as geothermal products.

Recycled Products

Recycled products including recycled paper and plastic products, reused wall coverings, recycled pallets and reclaimed rubber products.